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Redcon 1 Double Tap

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Redcon 1 Double Tap

Fat Burner

Redcon 1 Double Tap, A powerful fat burner developed to help burn fat which is difficult to lose. So you can get the look you want fast.

Because of the special combination of ingredients, Double Tap will suppress your appetite and reduce hunger cravings.

Also Double Tap will help to speed up your metabolism and turn your body in to a calorie burning machine.

We all know burning calories can be a real challenge, so Double Tap helps to overcome this challenge.

What You Get

In addition, Redcon 1 Double Tap provides:

  • Enhanced memory and focus which helps in the gym
  • Boosts your metabolism to help burn calories
  • Acts as a hunger suppressant

So Redcon 1 Double Tap is an ideal supplement for people wanting to burn excess fat, but are having trouble doing so.

Use With

Also we recommend using this product with one of the products from our BCAA Range and Pre Workout Range.

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